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Beechtown Meetup

A gathering of

local artists

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Art isn't just expression. It's politics, it's a dialogue, it's a debate. And with so much going on in the world, we artists can't help but have our say in matters of interest. So Beechtown - we're going to town on this year's meetup!

Now in its 5th year, the Beechtown Meetup is bigger and better with more speakers, activities, and networking opportunities.

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What's in store for you

Dynamic Dialogues

We've invited experts from beyond the art community, to discuss climate change, inequality, and the role artists can play.

Networking Groups

Meet fellow artists from the region, share best practices, and find opportunities to collaborate and create together.

Raffles and Prizes

Stay for the whole event for a chance to win a variety of exciting prizes, including grants sponsorships, and more!

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Contemporary Circular Vectors


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